RTX 3080 Mania, Ebay Scalpers Crazy Prices £62,000 Trollers Insane Bids for a £649 GPU!

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RTX 3080 Mania, Ebay Scalpers Crazy Prices £62,000 Trollers Insane Bids for a £649 GPU!

ConsumerWatch / Computing Sep 19, 2020 – 11:30 AM GMT



Forget crypto’s the real mania today is not in Bitcoin but RTX 3080 GPU’s where the worldwide supply of the cards has been bought up within 5 minutes of Nvidia’s launch largely by scalpers who have then gone on to dump the cards on the likes of Ebay with many starting bidding at ridiculous amounts for the £649 card, starting bids of upwards of £3,500!

If you though that no one is going to bid such ridiculous amounts for the privilege of getting hold of Nvidia’s latest GPU you would be mistaken as depending your perspective the bidding is truly epic or insane, bids of upwards of £10,000, going all the way to £62,800! How many are real and how many are trolls? Even I was tempted to put in a bid for £90k! NINTY THOUSAND POUNDS FOR A £649 GPU!

Find out the insane state of the RTX 3080 GPU Market as profiteering scalpers attempt to cash in on the mania vs trolls attempting to swart their greed through making bids they clearly have no intentions of honouring and what the rest of us stuck in the middle should do.




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