New Lincoln Park gym offers climbing training, yoga for all ages

CHICAGO — A new 43,000 square foot gym in Lincoln Park opened Monday, highlighting rock climbing and training as a way for fitness to be inclusive to everyone.

‘Brooklyn Boulders’ already has a location in the West Loop, and their new Lincoln Park location looks to serve as a large fitness getaway as gyms reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We think we have something for everyone,” employee Claire Bao said. The gym greatly emphasizes its’ inclusiveness for children, and looks to be a space for adults who are beginners as well.

Bao said Brooklyn Boulders aims to combine traditional aspects of fitness with non-traditional aspects such as rock climbing and climbing training.

With 43,000 square feet of space, social distancing is not much of an issue. Masks, hand washing, and frequent sanitation are mandatory.

“We switched to liquid chalk, which has an alcohol base which allows us to use it almost as an initial hand sanitizer,” employee Steven Evans said.

The business encourages families to come together, with plenty of room and activities to offer to everyone.

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