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You know, the funny thing is, tomorrow if all of this goes tits up they’re gonna crucify us for being too reckless, but if we’re wrong, and everything gets back on track? Well then, the same people are gonna laugh till they piss their pants cause we’re gonna all look like the biggest pussies God ever let through the door. – Margin Call

If disinformation/misinformation is the order of the day, aren’t our leaders supposed to clear the air and address the confusion and doubts of the public on certain issues that directly affect them, impacting on their personal business decision making?

And isn’t doing nothing aiding and abetting potentially criminal act/behavior, especially for a high public official like the top economic manager and chief financial enforcer of the land?

Sorry, but denying involvement in financial fraud/scam and profusely denouncing the perpetrators won’t suffice.

For starters, there are just too many injured parties here – the official/s whose names and words were used to endorse/promote shady financial product(s), the government which is broadly portrayed as guarantor of the investment, and the general public, majority of whom are grasping at straws to make both ends meet during this perilous period of pandemic.

It is sad that most of our countrymen are willing to part with what little they have left to bet on something offering the moon and the stars no matter how unreasonable or ridiculous the nature of the investment is.

The promise of fat and fast returns is enough motivation/incentive for them.

Ped Xing has been covering business and finance for the longest time to confidently give this simple advice: If the promised returns are way beyond what the market currently offers, the investment is a no-go.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

But it is very hard to argue with human nature – the irresistible urge to get ahead. A sucker born every minute, indeed. Thanks, PT Barnum.

Now, if fast money artists and other con men are tolerated to ply their illicit trade, then a continuing economic crime is upon us –injurious to all.

But when the people are helpless even against themselves, who should barge in and make them stop the madness?

A national government is supposed to be the most powerful entity in the land.

Surely, the Commander in Chief, backed by fearsome security forces armed to the teeth, can easily round up, keep a headlock, and double down on fraudsters/scammers.

The National Police has a proud motto – “to serve and protect”.

Shouldn’t the national government, being the mother of all agencies, also embrace the same?

After all, the Constitution itself mandates the State to “promote the general welfare of the people”.

General well-being basically encompasses peace, order, safety, and security.

And security should cover protection against financial fraud and other economic crimes which are making a heyday as Covid-19 approaches a ruinous, fatal full-year rampage.

Government must justly, resolutely, and if need be, ruthlessly can con artists and slam scammers.

And let it begin with purveyors of creepy, este, crypto-currency and its variants. Why does the term reek of cadaveric stink wafting from a creaky, cob-webbed, moss-covered, crumbling mausoleum?

It is time, if not quite late in the day, to make a categorical statement – Is it legal? Does the government officially endorse it? — so that everybody could move on with their Covid-impaired lives.

On September 14, the same full article Ped Xing referred to earlier was re-posted on the same state-owned music-streaming site.

Following is the portion of the article it was not able to save the first time around.

The lucrative money-making secret big banks don’t want you to know.

Carlos Dominguez goes on, “We’re seeing hard economic times, and this is the solution people have been waiting for. Never in history have we had such an amazing opportunity that ordinary people can easily take advantage of to generate tremendous wealth in such a short time.

Some people are hesitant to try this because it’s so different. And that’s because the big banks are trying to cover this up! The big banks are actively creating propaganda and calling cryptocurrencies and platform like Bitcoin Income a scam. Why? They are worried their corporate profits will shrink once their customers know how to create massive wealth themselves.

The truth is, cryptocurrency is the revolution of our lifetime and anyone who does not jump on this opportunity is missing out. I’ve already received angry calls and threats from big financial corporations because I’m bring this technology to people’s attention. But screw them. People in the Philippines are already starting to know the truth and it’s only a matter of time before more and more do.

I’m sharing this because I’ve also received hundreds of emails from people thanking me for sharing this secret. My favorite one is from a young man who bought his little brother his dream car – a Ferrari 488 Pista using the cash he made from Bitcoin Income. This platform is truly making the lives of everyone in the world a little better.”

So, did he or did he not really say all of the above? If not, why weren’t orders issued to regulators/enforcers to take down the article?

For as long as it lingers there – popping up every now and then — on cyberspace, the public may be led to believe that it carries the seal of government approval or, worse, endorsement.

Behold God’s glory and seek His mercy.

Pause and pray, people

Publication Source :    People’s Journal

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