Douglas County Sheriff’s Office issues alert about imposter scam

Many residents in Douglas County have been receiving phone calls claiming to be from the Social Security Office stating their Social Security number has been suspended due to fraudulent activity.

These calls are a scam and an attempt to get your personal information and money, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, which issued an alert about it on Sept. 18.

“Social Security numbers are never suspended; please do not become a victim,” said Sheriff Troy Wolbersen.

The Social Security Administration will never:

  • Call to threaten you with arrest or legal action if you do not immediately pay a debt, fine, or fee.
  • Tell you that your Social Security number has been suspended or offer to increase your benefits or resolve identity theft problems in exchange for payment.
  • Require payment via retail gift cards, prepaid debit cards, wire transfers, or internet currency like Bitcoin, or by mailing cash.
  • Demand secrecy in handling a Social Security-related problem or tell you to make up a story to tell your friends, family, or store/bank employees.
  • Text you unsolicited to tell you about a problem with your Social Security number or benefits.
  • Email you attached documents containing your personally identifiable information.

If you receive a suspicious call, the sheriff’s office shared this advice:

  • Hang up.
  • Do not give the caller money or personal information.
  • Report Social Security scams at OIG.SSA.GOV
  • Report other imposter scams at FTC.GOV/COMPLAINT

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