Gene Simmons Hints He’s Getting More Involved with Crypto

Gene Simmons, the bassist from the popular rock band Kiss (known for its over-the-top vocals, makeup and costumes), appears to be getting ready to move deeper into bitcoin territory and work hard to make it more accessible.

Gene Simmons Hints He’s Working with Bitcoin

There is a long list of celebrities that have gotten involves in the crypto world. The latest case involves rapper T.I., who settled charges handed out by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for allegedly promoting a phony initial coin offering (ICO). Naturally, not all the situations involve positive outcomes or help lead bitcoin into more mainstream or legitimate territory, but that doesn’t mean every circumstance involving crypto and celebrities will boast negative bearings.

Simmons is being examined through a rather strange and specific lens considering his latest tweet has to do with cryptocurrency but doesn’t really let anybody know what he’s talking about. It’s rather “cryptic” (pardon the pun), and it was in response to a message posted by bitcoin billionaire and co-founder of the Gemini exchange in New York Cameron Winklevoss.

Cameron recently sent out a string of tweets informing his readers that bitcoin and Ethereum were still rather difficult to access. He commented that the standard banking industry had less red tape for newbies than the crypto world. He also stated that if one did not have a banking account of some kind, garnering crypto would be even harder.

One of the messages explains:

It’s easier to buy bitcoin and ether if you are already in the old system. If you don’t have a bank account, it’s hard to get funds into crypto. We need to change this.

One of the big staples of bitcoin, Ethereum and other forms of crypto is that they are designed to bring people more financial independence and give them access to monetary tools and platforms that they would otherwise never be able to utilize. Crypto is built to cut out middlemen and third parties to ensure that people can engage in transactions with each other without additional fees.

However, in many ways, bitcoin still needs many traditional tools to function. For example, many traders and users must attach a bank account or credit card to their exchange accounts if they’re going to be actively trading or purchasing new units of tokens in the future.

Surprisingly, Simmons responded to Cameron’s tweet with a simple:

I will. I am.

What Does All This Mean?

Nobody’s quite sure what he meant by this. Is Simmons saying he’s looking to get more involved in crypto, and if so, is he trying hard to potentially make it easier for people to garner? What would make Simmons so interested in crypto in the first place?

Either way, it’s a shadowed message that has yet to be fully explained. Perhaps Simmons will respond with a follow-up tweet soon regarding what he meant and what people can expect from him.

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