How to survive the emerging market volatility with Bitcoin apps

Generally associated with investment risks, market volatility is a statistical measure of the rise and fall of a stock or any financial market. Yes, the market may be unpredictable but many people from countries where market volatility is an issue are now choosing to use bitcoin. According to crypto industry sources, bitcoin is serving as a safe option for market volatility.

Since smartphones have now become an added advantage to bitcoin users, many bitcoin users have started using bitcoin apps due to its convenience and reliability.

How is Bitcoin apps helping people?

The following two cases are real examples of how bitcoin apps helped people escape from the devaluation of their currency:

1. How Purse Helps People to Save Money

2. How Bitwage Helps to Earn Bitcoins

In the first case, Venezuela workers used the most popular bitcoin marketplace, Purse to save their basic requirements. In the second case, the people of India are using Bitwage to cope with the devaluation of their currency.

How Purse helps people to save money

Purse is a bitcoin, one of the most popular bitcoins in the marketplace. Due to its exciting offers, people from bitcoin-friendly countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK are using Purse. Along with that, people from countries struggling with economic hardships.

In recent years, some of the emerging markets have experienced economic instability and geopolitical turmoil. In order to survive the market volatility, the following nations are among the top twenty nations which are actively involved in using Purse for the discounts it offers to users; Venezuela, Argentina, India, Brazil, Nigeria and Ukraine.

Steven Mckie, Head of Growth and Product Content of the popular bitcoin marketplace, Purse says that as per his opinion, people from Venezuela and Brazil are using the platform for buying their essential products such as food, medicine, and other products.

Available on both android and iOs devices, Purse can be used globally, offering merchants as well as users a complete e-commerce solution. However, due to the fact that most of its users are Android users, Purse has made storing and spending bitcoins to android users easy, simple and accessible.

How Bitwage helps to earn Bitcoins

Apart from Purse, Bitwage is also a great platform to earn bitcoins. The app offers countries with economic instability job opportunities with higher wages to people from countries where the payments are meager and facing a financial crisis.

The platform has also launched a job board named “Bitwage(dot)Me” to empower local communities worldwide proving people of unstable economies to get higher salaries by using the Bitwage platform.

Now that you have a better understanding of how bitcoin apps are helping people to survive market volatility. We would like to encourage that if you belong to these economies, you can use these platforms to earn bitcoins. If you’re also interested in investing in cannabis and any other international market click here.

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