‘Sharing Economy’ Startup ShareRing Tapped for China’s Blockchain Service Network

‘Sharing Economy’ Startup ShareRing Tapped for China’s Blockchain Service Network‘Sharing Economy’ Startup ShareRing Tapped for China’s Blockchain Service Network

ShareRing, a blockchain-powered platform for the “sharing economy” pioneered by the likes of Uber and Lyft, was picked to join China’s state-backed blockchain initiative, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN). 

  • According to a press release emailed to CoinDesk, ShareRing has developed a custom blockchain-enabled platform that can help integrate services such as travel, insurance, logistics and marketplaces into one shared platform. 
  • The firm’s press release said in partnership with BSN, ShareRing will work to reduce barriers to entry in the blockchain services sector by helping businesses and developers deploy the firm’s enterprise-ready sharing ecosystem, which it claims can help lower the time and cost associated with integrating blockchain into traditional platforms. 
  • ShareRing CEO Tim Bos said that the firm’s initial focus shall be to expand the ShareLedger testnet and mainnet nodes and validators to run within the BSN. “We already have some nodes running in the BSN, now we are focusing on making our technical documentation available so that developers and enterprises can leverage ShareLedger and our API’s for their projects,” he said.
  • China’s Blockchain Service Network announced earlier in July it had integrated six public blockchains onto its network including Tezos, Ethereum, NEO and IRISnet, thereby enabling developers on these blockchains to build decentralized applications (dapps) and run nodes using data storage and bandwidth from BSN’s overseas data centers. 

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