Make pet effects be active for their island while players are offline. [20+ positive reactions]

Seriously, why isn’t this a thing already?

The server actively incentivizes players to leave their computers running overnight, just so that they can gain 30% more productivity with their minions. And sometime during this most likely, players are booted anyways due to automatic server reboots. This is absurd.

I mean, I somewhat get it if you have a number of auto farms active. I had a cacti farm that made me lots of money, and then the price crashed. Now it’s not worth the attention of a fart in the wind.

But a decent portion of the player base afks purely to have their pet effect active. If you want to be competitive in the leaderboards, you have to afk. If you want to maximize your income from your minions, you have to afk. As a result, players run Minecraft overnight, and thus their computer, just to be more productive in a Minecraft server.

On a massively played server, in a massively played gamemode, this results in so much power and energy wasted for no reason. Most players are kids, who don’t have to pay a power bill, or make sure their utility bills aren’t being exasperated for no reason. They’ll do whatever gives them a beneficial advantage, with no regard for the consequences. And Hypixel actively incentivizes this, by requiring players to be on their islands to receive the effect of their pets.

This is essentially low efficiency crypto mining, and even though Bitcoin mining may be more profitable, there are considerable energy usage costs to take into account, neither is worth incentivizing, and it wears out computers faster.

Hypixel should take note of this, and allow players to have their pet effects active while they are offline.

As for me, I absolutely refuse to afk on my island anymore.

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