BlackFort Wallet and Exchange: An Estonian Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider to Unite Wallet and Exchange Services

TALLINN, Estonia, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — What’s the main limitation of most cryptocurrency wallet service providers? They offer a wallet service, and that’s it. No other services included. What’s more, third-party service providers require their wallets to be linked to a crypto exchange account, which compromises personal data and assets. An Estonian company called BlackFort Tech Estonia solves this problem by providing the ultimate single-platform cryptocurrency market solution to let users with any level of crypto background buy, sell, hold, exchange, and spend their crypto freely.

Considering the rising popularity of digital assets, triggered greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, BlackFort has introduced a cryptocurrency exchange platform to safely store and exchange digital assets. The wallet owner is the only one who has access to the digital wallet—the platform has no access to it.

“Safety and privacy are key and our priority for our users. We will never have access to your wallet, and you control it in its entirety. Store your wallet offline and retain maximum safety while also having the security to restore your wallet by simply inputting your 12-word wallet passphrase,” says Stefan Huber, COO of BlackFort Wallet and Exchange.

Once the user creates a wallet on the platform, they can exchange assets with other users without switching to any other cryptocurrency exchange. BlackFort also has mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

BlackFort Wallet and Exchange’s security features are impressive, but they’re not the only reason why this new player in the cryptocurrency market arena can be called safe. The company has recently been approved for Europe’s new cryptocurrency license under the latest regulatory standard (license number: FVT000100). This license is the most stringent one for cryptocurrency services and is issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit. All the company’s business activities are regulated and supervised by a European financial authority.

What’s the most curious thing about this license? BlackFort Wallet and Exchange is the first company in the space to receive it, making users feel confident about the security of their digital assets.

In addition to wallet and exchange services, BlackFort provides cryptocurrency payment services for businesses to take their payment acceptance into the digital economy. More details can be found at

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