Black Daffodil Earrings – Lasercut Leather – Art Nouveau Jewelry – Unique Long Earrings – Boho Festival Jewelry – Antique Bronze

Accepted payments include Paypal, Direct Checkout (Credit Card) and Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

If you truly love one of our items, we can put an item on hold for you at no extra cost but would prefer to receive the payment for the item within one week. If no payment is made after a week has passed, we will first contact you with a friendly reminder and if there is no response within a few days (after the reminder was sent) we will relist the item for sale on our shop page. Of course you can always create a layaway/deposit plan with us too, just contact us for details.

For custom orders, after we have discussed a price for the intended item, we will post a reserved listing with your name on it on our shop page. We would prefer to receive payment within one week please or as mentioned above we can discuss a layaway plan that suits you.

For deposits on custom made items we may request 1/3 (33%) or more of the final price NOT including shipping. Deposits will be held until the item is fully paid for PLUS shipping charges. If a deposit is made on an item and then the order is cancelled WITHIN 3 days, we may decide to keep a small portion or refund the entire amount (depending on how much work and/or material was already put into the requested item). If it is cancelled on the 4th day or thereafter we may keep all or a portion of the total deposit. Of course we are open to negotiation as we ultimately want you to be happy but if we have begun work on a custom item that we then have to list in our shop in the hopes that someone will purchase it, we may want to recover some of the costs in doing that plus our time spent in designing and making a custom order especially for you. We sincerely hope you understand… 🙂

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