21 Best Engraved Gifts: Personalized for Her or Him

We all know that giving gifts is great. But engraved gifts? You’ve just nudged it up a level. Personalized gifts let your loved one know that you went to some extra trouble just for them. 

Remember when you were a kid and got an ID bracelet with your name on it? Or when someone gave you a watch with a nice message engraved on the back or a pendant with your monogram? Those moments will always be special because it meant they really cared. 

While a gift that’s been personalized with engraving may seem like a lot more work, don’t you worry. The gifts on our list are completely easy to order, super simple to customize, and won’t take much extra time. Only a few on the list require a couple of extra days and almost all can be ordered and delivered within five days.

Whether you’re looking for something for a woman or a man, we’ve split this list into two sections; ladies first (naturally) then the gents. But honestly? Most of these items work for either gender. We maintain that an engraved gift delivers an incredibly warm message. Take your time (and check your spelling) when considering one of these 21 Best Engraved Gifts: Personalized for Her or Him.

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