College student ends life over PUB-G ban

Ban on online game Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) claimed the life of a Chennai-based final year B.Tech student hailing from Anantapur.

Kurkuri Kiran Kumar Reddy went missing from his house five days ago and the parents thought he might have gone to some friends’ place as this used to be his usual routine following addition to the PUBG. They searched for his at all possible places, but could not find him.

On Friday evening his paternal uncle searched all the rooms in the boy’s house and found him dead in a small storeroom built in the first floor of the building.

The family members were unconsolable at the GGH mortuary on Saturday and according to family members, Kiran had got addicted to playing with BitCoin and had invested about ₹3.5 lakh borrowing from his mother. She did not know the consequences and he slowly mortgaged his laptop, phone etc.

Following the closure of college due to COVID-19, he stayed in his maternal grandparents’ house in Amadaguru in the Anantapur district and did not interact with anyone and just playing PUB-G.

The worried grandparents asked his parents to take him to their house in Anantapur and after coming to his Revenue Colony house last month, he remained restless following ban on PUB-G and would frequently discuss about it.

There is always someone to talk to at: 100; 9989819191 or reach over email: [email protected]

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