Bitcoin Ad Campaign on Trams and Billboards Across Hong Kong

A group that focuses on Bitcoin education has started a Bitcoin-centric advertisement using various methods in different parts of Hong Kong.

Radical Bitcoin Campaign in Hong Kong

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong has started a Bitcoin ad campaign in major areas across Hong Kong. The BTC campaign which began on Friday (September 11, 2020) saw the placement of Bitcoin ads on trams and billboards with the aim of creating Bitcoin awareness.

A key message of the campaign is a call to the public to “Be your own bank.” Also, the Bitcoin ads are looking to educate the populace about the merits of Bitcoin, while also talking about the demerits. The association which boasts of over 5,000 members got funding for the educational campaign from the community. 

Part of the campaign includes messages about Bitcoin’s scarcity and other features such as divisibility and verifiability. Furthermore, there are quotes from American Writer Stewart Brand and one time FCC Commissioner T.A.M Craven.

While the Bitcoin ads were seen on trams and billboards across the city, the campaign found its way to the HSBC Hong Kong headquarters. Commenting on this move, Jay Hao, OKEx CEO tweeted saying:

“#Bitcoin ads are right in front of #HSBC headquarters in #HongKong – is this a challenge or another step forward for finanical inclusiveness?”

The campaign is scheduled to run from September 11 to October 8, 2020. Speaking on the reason for the Bitcoin-centric ads, the association said: 

“We hope the campaign will give us the opportunity to discuss how Bitcoin fits into a quickly digitizing global economy, the opportunities and dangers of drastic technological advancements, and the implications of digital, verifiable scarcity.”

Meanwhile, the effort of the Bitcoin Association has attracted praise from various heavyweights in the industry as well as generally positive comments. The CEO Brendan Blummer reminisced on the times he rode the tram while applauding the BTC decorated vehicle.

Bitcoin ads Becoming the Norm

While the Bitcoin Association in Hong Kong is spreading various messages about Bitcoin, it is not the first time that an ad of this nature is happening in the city. As reported by BTCManager in late August, Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong’s major tabloids put out a front-page ad about Bitcoin. The ad announced Bitcoin as non-discriminatory and devoid of government control. 

A similar campaign was seen in India, where the Economic Times in Banglore featured a half-page Bitcoin ad by crypto exchange BitBNS. Also, major crypto asset fund manager Grayscale Investment did a national ad campaign on Bitcoin, with the aim of bringing BTC and other cryptocurrencies to the masses. 

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