Aria DiMezzo Mocks Republicans by Winning GOP Nomination for Sheriff

Twitter Aria DiMezzo.

Aria DiMezzo, who described herself on her Facebook page as a “polyamorous transgender Mississippian lesbian anarchist atheist Aria DiMezzo,” is now the GOP nominee for sheriff position of New Hampshire’s Cheshire County.

When DiMezzo ran, she ran with the slogan, “F*** the police” as part of a Libertarian group.

According to her blog, “A Shemale’s Diary,” DiMezzo said that she was once a Bernie Sanders fan, but considered him a sellout. She also attempted to raise money through a GoFundMe to help her “leave Mississippi,” but only raised $215.

1. DiMezzo Is a Transgender Woman Who Grew up in Mississippi

According to her blog, DiMezzo was trying to leave Mississippi at one point and was soliciting “support and friendship,” saying, “Realistically, I need $4000 $3900 $3885 to make that happen. With your help, I can live free and in stability.”

On DiMezzo’s Amazon page, she wrote, “I am a transgender anarchist, capitalistic, atheistic lesbian from Mississippi, which, as you can imagine, has given me quite a lot to write about. I also am active in video games, writing for the website Cubed3, and maintain an active blog …”

She described her upbringing as one involving “domestic violence, heavy parental drug use, child abuse, and severe religious oppression.” She also said that she had refocused more deeply into writing because being located in Mississippi during her transition process was making her “unemployable.”

DiMezzo, in one of the posts on her blog, said that she had a college degree and was struggling to find a job because she was overqualified.

2. DiMezzo Is a Self-Proclaimed Anarchist

DiMezzo’s Facebook page is titled, “Aria DiMezzo, Anarchist” and she has also written multiple blog posts in her blog. Here is an excerpt from one:

There are no defense systems, no mechanisms, and no other systems with which we can ensure that our current Government doesn’t sell us out to a foreign Government. By abolishing our Government and switching to an Anarchy governed by Principles rather than people, we wouldn’t lose any ability to ensure that we weren’t sold out to foreign powers.

According to Stanford University, anarchism is defined as a “political theory, which is skeptical of the justification of authority and power, especially political power” and focused on individual liberty.

3. DiMezzo Is Involved With a ‘Satanic’ Church

Aria DiMezzo’s name is also listed as the “High Priestess” of the Reformed Satanic Church. That church declares that Lucifer is “our example,” writing in one blog post, “Lucifer is the evil being not because he did anything within the pages of the Bible that any person would accept as immoral, but because Lucifer challenged authority.”

The church also called itself “anti-religion”:

We are an anti-religion. Religion is authoritarian; we reject all proclaimed authority as arbitrary and, at best, backed by threats of force and violence. Whether one chooses to abide the edicts of this authority are one’s own decision, but that choice is critically a given person’s to make; usurpation of that sacred choice creates obedience inspired by fear, not respect.

The church has also encouraged people to attend a fundraising event focused on donating to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. DiMezzo also tweeted, “encourag(ing) everyone to use crypto and NOT pay taxes.”

4. DiMezzo Has Written Two Books

One of DiMezzo’s books is titled “Dancing in Hellfire: Life as Transgender to Mississippi Drug-Addicted Fundamentalists,” which she published in 2017. DiMezzo wrote that the story was autobiographical:

This is a story of what it’s like to be trans and brought up by fundamentalist Christians who lived in poverty in rural Mississippi. It is also a story of what it’s like to be surrounded by drug addicts and abusive alcoholics, to have a father kill a woman when one is four years old, and to listen to a mother choke out “I can’t breathe…” at two in the morning.

Another book, titled “Dead or Alive,” follows a protagonist who – like DiMezzo – is an Athiest. According to the book summary, that protagonist was forced to face his religiosity after a car accident brings him to the afterlife. According to Amazon, the book was published in 2016 and was used to help fund “a transgender transition.”

5. DiMezzo Mocked Republican Voters After Winning a GOP Sheriff’s Nomination

According to Inside Sources, DiMezzo is a member of the Libertarinan group “Free Keene” and therefore, was able to get into the ballot. According to Inside Sources, the Cheshire County GOP chair, Marilyn Huston, said that “(DiMezzo) did very well with the primary and that was wonderful. If you look at their social media and their political statements they really do not fall in line with the Republican message.”

DiMezzo did not hold back in her criticism of Republican voters in Cheshire County. Here is an excerpt from her sheriff website, in which she described receiving hate-mail after the election results:

So you’re mad. I get it. I promise you: I get it. You feel betrayed. You may even be wondering how the party that you so believed in could do something like this. But, odds are, you’re blaming me. Most people are probably angry at me, and blaming me for all this. That’s silly. I was always upfront about who I am. The good man in Rindge who looked into me found out everything he needed to know with a simple Google search. There it was, plain as day:

Anarchist. Shemale. Tranny. Libertarian. “Fuck the police.” Free Talk Live. Bitcoin. Reformed Satanic Church. Black Lives Matter … I went into it expecting that I would lose the primary to a write-in candidate, because I didn’t think that so many voters were just… completely and totally oblivious about who they are voting for.

Because the fact is that you didn’t bother. You trusted the system. You trusted the establishment. You trusted the party. You felt safe. You were sure that there must be some mechanisms in place to prevent from occurring exactly what just occurred. Your anger is misplaced if you direct it at me…

Really, whose fault is all this? You don’t know anything about the people you’re voting for. You’re just blindly voting for them because you trust in the party, you trust in the system. Well, the party is broken, and the system is broken. It’s all broken.

More than 4,000 people went into the voting booth on September 8 this week, and they all filled in the circle by my name despite knowing absolutely nothing about the person they were nominating to the most powerful law enforcement position in the county. That’s a level of recklessness of which any decent human being should be ashamed.

DiMezzo will face Democrat incumbent and retired police lieutenant Eli Rivera in the primaries, which will be held in November, Fox News reported.

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