FRSH Hands is the Latest Example of Stafford Schlitt’s Success in Emerging Markets

Creating a business with awareness and branding around growing markets is a very unique ability, especially the timely launch and execution of the business to parallel the current trend. Stafford Schlitt has mastered this craft in various different sectors, ranging from entertainment, healthcare, apparel, and even cryptocurrency. The inception of Schlitt’s entrepreneurial spirit came after Kanye West released a music video called “Fade”, the music video simply featured a woman with flawless physique dancing in a gym. This woman was none other than superstar, Teyana Taylor. Many people began to wonder how she was able to maintain such a perfect body, especially after having a baby.


Schlitt capitalized on this opportunity to create his first venture, Fade2Fit, a fitness platform with Teyana Taylor, showcasing various exercise programs to help others get the body they want. He used his extensive marketing background and connections from the high end hospitality industry to execute his first wildly successful venture. From there, his ability to spot market trends took off, and as he took to cryptocurrency and created a Bitcoin mining facility, another wildly successful venture where he was eventually bought out by a publicly traded company, Riot Blockchain.

Schlitt continued his success as he tapped into the CBD market by creating THR33, a CBD based cream that would alleviate joint and muscle aches. He worked with celebrity fitness trainers, among others to create a successful use for CBD. This separates Schlitt from most entrepreneurs where he used something like CBD to actually benefit people, when the general consensus is that CBD does not work for most things, like cancer and other more serious health conditions.

“Our CBD cream was effective from high performance athletes with join soreness, to 60 year old mothers and fathers with arthritis pain. When Covid hit, we wanted to make sure that everyone can afford it. We dropped the price down from $75 to $49, and we took the hit, so everyone could continue to benefit from CBD and all its properties.”

His latest venture was created to help people with the Covid pandemic, a simple, yet effective hand sanitizer. When the CDC announced that hand sanitizer was second only to face coverings to contain the spread of Covid, many people jumped on the opportunity to create their own hand sanitizer, and capture a share of the market which was dominated by big brands such as Purell, Germx, etc. “We focus on trends and saw the need for hand sanitizer, instead of doing some cash grab, like some brands doing things incorrectly, using the wrong ingredients, we wanted to do things the right away.”

FRSH Hands is Schlitt’s latest venture which is a hand sanitizing spray that is just as effective as the big brands. It comes in different sizes and is a spray, with no added oils and fragrances, and no smell. It is manufactured in the USA and FDA registered, and has its own special formula. They also create their own bottles in-house. There is the one with 75% ethyl alcohol, as well as a spray with Isopropyl alcohol. Schlitt has used his networking and branding ability to get many celebrities behind this easy to use spray, with a simple and appealing logo as well as an effective formula, it will be sure to be in competition with the top hand sanitizers in the very near future. FRSH Hands is already being used by the front office of professional sports teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA, as well as the Pittsburgh Pirates of the MLB. FRSH Hands is also being used by the front office of Fortune 500 companies such as Fiji Water, GM, Skechers, and Steve Madden. The quality of FRSH Hands is also top notch as it is already one of Walmarts top selling hand sanitizers in a brief period of time.

Schlitt wants to build off his success in hand sanitizer, like he did with Fade2Fit. “We are currently working on the wipes and hand lotion which have a microbial proprietary formula. We are also scheduling a debut for a female version that is more of a lotion, and isn’t so sticky. Also, stainless steel, no contact, sanitizer stands.” With Schlitt steering the ship, FRSH Hands is on its way to being one of the top hand sanitizers in the industry.

For more information, please visit or their Instagram page @frshhands.

Photography by: FRSH Hands

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