China Demands Twitter To Investigate Hacking Of UK Envoy’s Handle, Warns ‘further Actions’

The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom has demanded Twitter to investigate the hacking of Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter handle by “anti-China” elements. Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter account was allegedly hacked on September 9, which liked a pornographic post and several tweets criticising the Chinese government. The Chinese embassy condemned the “abominable behaviour” and urged Twitter to make thorough investigations. 

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China demands Twitter to investigate

“Recently, some anti-China elements viciously attacked Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter account and employed despicable methods to deceive the public. The Chinese Embassy strongly condemns such abominable behaviour. The Embassy has reported this to Twitter company and urged the latter to make thorough investigations and handle this matter seriously. The Embassy reserves the right to take further actions and hope that the public will not believe or spread such rumour,” a Chinese embassy spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday. 

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The likes remained active for about an hour and garnered a lot of reactions before they were disliked and a statement was issued by the embassy. Liu shared his embassy’s post condemning the hack and wrote, “A good anvil does not fear the hammer.” Twitter, however, is yet to issue an official statement regarding the alleged hack. 

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Twitter is banned in China but Chinese officials posted abroad use the micro-blogging platform to propagate the Communist Party’s stand and share favourable posts. Liu, whose account was hacked, set-up his Twitter handle in October 2019 has over 85,000 followers. Liu is known as one of the most outspoken diplomats and often uses an aggressive approach to defend his government both online and in interviews. 

Twitter was recently mired in another controversy when accounts of several world leaders were allegedly hacked by some bitcoin scammers and posts were shared asking for money in return of cryptocurrencies.  

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