In the past few years, varieties of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and derivative investments have captured headlines, attention, and enormous investments. Any single brand or type of cryptocurrency might be popular one day and an orphan the next.

Investment strategies and philosophies will come and go as investors experiment with new types of technologies to find and mine value in the trillions of algorithms invisibly zapping around the globe. Meanwhile, the energy that it takes to find and mine cryptocurrencies taps the deeper value and growth of this new industry. This is evidenced by the growing number of hashpower exchanges offering hashpower derivatives as a trading option, and even exchanges dedicated entirely to hashpower futures, such as the recently launched Global Hashpower Exchange

So is it smarter to invest in waves or currents?  

The answer is both. Waves and currents are both types of movement. Which one you catch depends on where you want to go and when you want to arrive.

Investing in hashpower futures is like catching a current that will likely carry you to your financial goals. Day trading in actual cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, is like surfing waves in pursuit of short-term financial wins. The strategies complement each other and both might have a place in a balanced investment portfolio. 

Hashpower is the hidden driver of cryptocurrencies and related investments. It takes enormous amounts of computing power to find and mine the rare algorithms and digital strings that comprise the ‘diamonds’ that represent value as cryptocurrencies. Day trading cryptocurrencies amounts to surfing the waves hoping to catch one crest after another. By way of contrast, hashpower is the current that carries the cryptocurrency industry forward. It’s harder to see, but ultimately more powerful.

Just as traditional stock markets expanded their product offerings  with bonds and commodities, we are seeing the crypto market do the same. For those interested in riding currents, is currently giving away 200 USDT and 10 free trades as part of their launch campaign for new users with the promo code, “Diversify”. 

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