India-wide raids bust a hi-tech touting gang of 50, railway tickets worth Rs 5 lakh seized

MUMBAI: Fifty men part of a corporate-like hierarchy that operated, sold or used an illegal ticket booking software, Real Mango, have been apprehended from across India by the RPF. Five key operatives were nabbed from Bengal and live tickets worth Rs 5 lakh have been blocked. The kingpin, Chandra Gupta, used to accept payments in Bitcoin.
Investigations revealed that the software logs into the IRCTC website through multiple IDs. It auto-fills passenger and payment details in forms. It also synchronises bank OTP with the help of a mobile app and feeds it to forms automatically. It bypasses protocols like captcha, resulting in tickets being booked in seconds.
The first arrest, of Pankaj Prajapati, was made from UP on August 25. His interrogation and analysis of content on YouTube led the RPF to two suspects: Rehan Khan and Matiyar Khan. “Rehan had a YouTube channel about Real Mango. He destroyed his phone and formatted his laptop before arrest. He would not even give us his email address. But data from his computer hard disc was retrieved. We found a Bitcoin account and links with two other illegal software: ANMS and Red Mirchi. Rehan had 35 sellers and 524 agents working under him and had earned Rs 6.5 lakh in just one month flat with a co-accused, Subhendu Biswas.”
Matiyar is a student of Bachelors in Computer Applications and owns a hardware shop. RPF officers initially started chatting with him on WhatsApp and made some transactions through a digital wallet to reach him.
“It turned out Matiyar had multiple UPI accounts and e-wallets. He created a webpage on Real Mango. He dealt in cryptocurrencies and had made total transactions of up to Rs 12 lakh,” said an officer.
After arresting Rehan, Biswas and Matiyar, the RPF picked up Rahul Roy from Bengal, who led them to kingpin Gupta. Real Mango was developed by Gupta and Roy was the business manager. The RPF claims to have destroyed the software. Phones, laptops, pen drives, CPUs and tablets have been seized.

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