Casino Gambling — The Do’s and Don’ts of Blackjack: Part 1

If you are going into Wild Casino, we have an idea of what you are looking for. Above all else, there is an entertainment objective. But what makes a “trip” to the casino more entertaining?

We know that you want to get the most out of your session, and it is a reasonable assumption that if you stand a better chance of winning that is going to help you get the most out of what you’re doing.


There is no sense in moving forward without a game plan. When you employ what is known as a “Basic Strategy” in blackjack, you are establishing a game plan. That is because Basic Strategy gives you the optimum mathematical play for every player vs. dealer situation you can encounter.

You must understand that blackjack is not a game like poker, in which you are making a lot of judgment calls and you can’t be sure whether you have made the right play from a mathematical standpoint in any given situation.. There is one play that is represents the only way to go.

This is unquestionably the way to go in the online game, due to the random nature of the cards being dealt, which also renders a sophisticated approach like card counting relatively useless.

The strategy is such that you can memorize all the plays. And that’s what you should do. What SHOULDN’T you do?


If you can play a perfect Basic Strategy, that gives you the best chance possible to get close to a break-even game, which in turn, means that if you get just a little lucky, you might have a winning session.

However, if you go “off script,” it can’t have any other long-term result than for you to play a less-than-optimal game. And you’ll increase your chances of losing.

This is very easy to do. For example, when playing Basic Strategy you are required to hit the so-called “stiff” hands against a dealer with an upcard that indicates a “pat” hand. So if you have a 16, you would hit against a dealer showing anything from a seven (7) through an Ace. And that includes all the ten-value cards (ten, Jack, Queen, King). A lot of people are scared to do something like that, for fear of “busting.” But the fact is, in the long run you are going to lose LESS by doing this than you will if you stand.


If you want to be smart about your playing experience at Wild Casino, you will manage your bankroll the right way. What you want to do is set aside a certain amount of money for your playing session, and stick to it.

As a rule, you’d like to have 40 times the amount of your maximum bet. That way you can play with a degree of confidence that you are reducing the element of ruin. And you’ll be able to stretch out your session so that it can go a long way.


The last thing you ever want to do is to lose more money than you are supposed to, and then start betting money out of proportion to your bankroll. Or going beyond your designated bankroll in order to keep playing.

That’s called “chasing” money, and it is a sign of desperation. It’s roughly akin to going on tilt in poker. Now you’re going to make irrational decisions. This will not only happen with your betting decisions – in an effort to “catch up” – but also your playing decisions. You’ll find yourself veering away from a sound Basic Strategy because you’ll be playing “scared.”

Don’t play scared. Keep yourself under control.

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