Another crypto livestream cut short by YouTube

  • YouTube once again targeted a crypto-focused channel, interrupting its livestream with threats of a ban.
  • The channel in question is known as Sunny Decree, a known content creator with 123,000 subscribers.
  • This was not the first time that Sunny Decree was targeted, as a similar incident took place in December.

YouTube has had a long history of unfortunate ‘errors’ when it comes to the crypto industry, and it doesn’t seem like the situation is getting any better. Only days ago, another incident took place when a crypto YouTuber, Sunny Decree, had his livestream shut down by the platform, supposedly for violating its ‘harmful and dangerous policy.’

Sunny Decree was hit by YouTube, again

In his tweet, published on Saturday, September 5th, Sunny Decree had the livestream interrupted. He also received a warning that a second offense would lead to a week-long suspension regarding livestreaming, posting, and even uploading.

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Sunny Decree is a Switzerland-based content creator who records in English and German, although his channel is mostly English-oriented. He also had his channel targeted by YouTube back in December 2019, when the company started deleting videos of the entire crypto community, and even banning accounts.

Back then, plenty of high-profile channels saw their videos removes, without any explanation or apparent reason.

YouTube once again blamed an ‘error’ and the ‘algorithm,’ but the alleged error was only discovered after days of complaining, and the fact that the incident started receiving huge amounts of attention from the media.

YouTube continues to target the crypto community

In 2020, YouTube kept targeting crypto-related channels, claiming that it is trying to prevent giveaway scams. While it is true that such scams were reported throughout the year, YouTube somehow kept missing the actual scams, and it kept targeting creators like Sunny Decree.

Another example is the fact that the platform shut down an official channel of — a crypto-focused news website. The website allegedly also violated the platform’s Terms of Service, but it was restored two days after an appeal was made.

For now, nobody seems to understand YouTube’s stance towards cryptocurrency. However, it is certainly proving to be an unfriendly place for the crypto community, given how many ‘incidents’ took place over the last few years.

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