3 years of Innovation: How Patricia technologies is leading the cryptocurrency revolution in Nigeria

Patricia started in a small office in Lekki, on August 16th 2017, with the mission to build a platform that would give the growing number of cryptocurrency users in the region a safe and secure place to trade as well as complete everyday financial transactions. From the 500 clients, the company has since grown to become Nigeria’s leading digital assets trading platform with branches in Dubai, China and Ghana, servicing well over 15,000 clients on daily transactions.


For Patricia, building user-centric products, as well as focusing on practical solutions has been indispensable to its market growth. From the Patricia Debit Card that lets you withdraw or pay in Bitcoin and Naira to the Patricia Refill option that enables users pay utility bills or buy airtime with Bitcoin, the company’s passion for developing simple but brilliant solutions is no doubt a reason it has dominated the Bitcoin market in Africa.

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“Innovation is part of our story. Building user-focused products, value-adding innovative ideas combined with up-to-date operational methodologies have made us what we are today”, says Fejiro Agbodje, the Founder and CEO of Patricia Technologies.


In a largely unexplored but promising space as the cryptocurrency market, Patricia Technologies has swiftly made pioneering its strongest suit and is quickly gaining ground by developing never-before crypto-based offerings for Nigerian consumers.

Whether owning the first Bitcoin debit card in Africa or opening the first and currently only Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria and West Africa, the company’s affinity for being the first at what it does is hardly contestable. At the heart of every invention, Patricia’s ambition is clear – to conveniently integrate cryptocurrency use in resolving day-to-day needs.


As the world ventures further into the world of cryptocurrency and digital economy, Patricia is certainly at the centre of the movement in Nigeria, offering unique infrastructure on its platform to empower users to be up to speed with this digital revolution. On the Patricia platform, users can easily:

  • Buy, Sell, Store and Fix Bitcoin
  • Earn Bitcoin by trading gift cards
  • Pay bills, purchase airtime and data using Bitcoin
  • Convert excess airtime to cash
  • Obtain a physical or virtual Bitcoin debit card

As Patricia celebrates three years, its commitment to building a convenient, safe and easy ecosystem for all its users is even more renewed. “When our users are stronger, so are we,” affirms Chris Okafor, Managing Director, Patricia.

Visit mypatricia.co today to learn more.

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