Discussions.app Will Twitter On The Blockchain Through Telos

Discussions.app, a social aggregation platform inspired by Reddit, has announced on the 3rd of September, 2020, that it has expanded within the Telos network.

Creating A New Decentralized ID System

This new collaboration’s first project will stand as a decentralized identity system. This system is planned to make users capable of recording their contacts and accounts from Twitter, as well as other social networks, just in case a ban or a block occurs.

In this new social media-dominated age, users can spend many years growing followers and networks on various platforms. This work, however, always runs the risk of being suddenly destroyed by those that control these networks, doing so on seemingly arbitrary decisions sometimes.

Protecting The Connections Of The World

Discussions.app is aiming to address this, allowing its users to migrate across platforms without the need to lose their connections or identities, which is so valuable in this day.

Douglas Horn stands as the Chief Architect of Telos, and gave comment about the matter at large. He explained that every few days, he sees yet another unique voice be completely de-platformed. As a result, the connections that these voices had invested years in building, was suddenly upended as if it were nothing. This is especially so in the crypto community, Horn stated. With Discussions.app, Horn noted that it empowers an individual to secure their own social network, one immune to the whims of the big players in the social media arena, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

A New Voice For Those That Mainstream Platforms Dislike

Youtube is well known for its arbitrary banning (and subsequent reinstatement) of various channels related to cryptocurrencies within these past few months. Back in May of this year, the platform even managed to pull the plug on the livestream event that showed when the Bitcoin Halving would occur, having been streamed by way of the CoinTelegraph news publication.

Alongside this new innovation for digital identity management, the partnership between Discussions.app and Telos will bring new options to bear, as well. This includes the incorporation of Ethereum Virtual Machines, who can run on Ethereum-compatible smart contracts with zero transaction fees, as well as advanced governance protocols.

Time will only tell how successful this new project will be, but it stands as a very attractive idea, especially to the more controversial figures within the Internet. Undoubtedly, this will be used by many fringe groups within the Internet but could help protect the mainstream groups, as well.

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