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AIW presents I Assure You We’re Open at the Celebration Plaza Amphitheatre at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN 

September 6, 2020

The stream began with a fun Clerks-inspired video where Marino Tenaglia (as Jay) and Philly Collins (as Silent Bob) ran through today’s card. 

40 Acres (PB Smooth and AJ Smooth) w/ Jocelyn vs. Young Studs (Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly)

40 Acres have added AIW Academy graduate Jocelyn to their ranks. PB Smooth hit a Death Valley Driver followed by a AJ Gray top rope leg drop to get the pin on Bobby Beverly. 

Dom Garrini vs. Calvin Tankman 

They began the match with an exchange of chops and forearms until Garrini went for a kick to the knee, but Tankman took advantage with a handful of power moves. Garrini attempted a brainbuster, but Tankman reversed it into a version of Greetings from Asbury Park. Tankman called for the GFD, but Garrini stopped him, hit the suplex, and locked in an armbar with some small digit manipulation to get the tap out win. 

Zach Thomas vs. Derek Dillinger w/ Ziggy Haim 

The announcers mentioned how this was borne out of the AIW Academy with a war of words recently on social media with a mentor/student dynamic between the two, specifically with Thomas claiming he’s done more in less time and Dillinger saying he’ll no longer be in the background. Also, interesting to note that commentary mentioned that the renamed Derek Dillinger was the last remaining vestige of The Production. Very cool moment midway through the match as Dillinger hit a splash mountain on Ziggy Haim from the ring to the ground onto Thomas. Later in the match, Thomas hit Ziggy with a Soul Bomb as payback. But finally, a full nelson bomb from the second rope got the win for Dillinger. 

“The Karate Man” vs. Filthy Tom Lawler

Lawler came out with full on American flag gear and Zubaz, eventually stripping down to bald eagle trunks. “The Karate Man” is obviously Page playing up his karate training. Karate Man countered a pedigree attempt and hit the Crane Kick. Lawlor blocked a chop from the top rope and hit the Five Points Palm Exploding Heart Technique from Kill Bill Vol 2. Page rolled to the ground, took five steps, and collapsed. Referee Xavier Franklin called the match, giving Lawlor the stoppage win. Lawlor was terrified by what he did, ran away, and left the park distraught until ring announcer Steve Guy called to him that Page revived. 

Tre Lamar vs. Benjamin Carter vs. Johnny Patch vs. Chase Oliver

Chase Oliver put on a lot of mass since we’ve last seen him. Carter comes from the New Talent Camp from February. Patch is making his main show debut after a number of dark matches. Lamar is representing 40 Acres. Scramble-style match with a ton of speed and high spots. Scary moment as Patch completely shorted a shooting star press attempt. Shortly after, Lamar pinned Patch after a frog splash elbow. 

With that, we went to intermission.

Swoggle vs. Levi Everett

Swoggle showed off what could be called his speed butter churning skills. Before the match could get started, DCR came out to interrupt. The Duke and the Bitcoin Boyz attacked from the other side of the ring, but Allie Kat made the save. Duke took the mic and cut a promo apologizing for a lot of what’s happening in wrestling, but he won’t apologize for what the Bitcoin Boyz did. Duke challenged a four on three match, since no one would want to team with Allie Kat, Everett, and Swoggle, which cued Teenage Dirtbag and Spider Nate Webb’s arrival. 

Spider Nate Webb, Allie Kat, Levi Everett, and Swoggle vs. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, The Duke, and The Bitcoin Boyz (Mikey Montgomery and Eric Taylor)

Tornado rules as everyone tries to get one up on their opponents. The Duke tried to Vader bomb Swoggle, but Webb threw a chair at The Duke. Swoggle hit the powerbomb and Everett with a diving headbutt to get the win. 

Lee Moriarty vs. Erick Stevens 

This match was supposed to take place at The Collective, so AIW booked it on the first event after the return. Tons of strikes and chain wrestling and counters, and back and forth with neither man getting an advantage for an extended amount of time. Moriarty locked in an armbar, and Stevens had to tap out. 

The Final Showdown for the AIW Tag Team Championship: The Philly Marino Experience (Marino Tenaglia and Philly Collins) (c) vs. To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney and Cheech) 

Another match that was scheduled to take place at The Collective Mania weekend. Marino seemed at one point to hurt his ribs. To Infinity and Beyond attempted to hit PME’s finisher, Sunset Dreams, but to only a two count. Really good match, but a double stomp/backpack stunner to Collins gave the win to To Infinity and Beyond, becoming five time champions. 

Delaney grabbed the mic after the match, asking the crowd, “what did you think was gonna happen?” He claimed to hate PME’s guts, but he respected them. He challenged PME to a 2 out of 3 falls match at The Collective next month. 

AIW could do a full-length video of this feud, and it would be a really good presentation. 

Indianapolis Street Fight: Rip City Shooters (Joshua Bishop, Wes Barkley, and Mr. Brickster) vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, One Called Manders, and Absolute and Intense Champion Matthew Justice) w/ Bill Alfonso 

This is the in-ring debut of the new-attitude Mr. Brickster since joining the Rip City Shooters in February. The Rip City Shooters jumped the Second Gear Crew with chairs when they got to the ring, and Mr. Brickster popped open the champagne. RCS introduced a door and put Justice through it, but Justice kicked out before a count was made. Manders and Warner came to the rescue with chairs. Fonzie threw four more doors into the ring for Manders and Warner to set up two double level contraptions. Manders and Warner combined to hit a doomsday chokeslam on Brickster through one of the door contraptions. Bishop hit a death valley driver through the other set of doors on Justice. Fonzie hit Barkley with a chair, but got picked up for an Awesome Bomb until Manders and Warner made the save. The Second Gear Crew buried the Rip City Shooters under all the broken doors and chairs, and Justice hit a big splash to get the pinfall win.  

Justice grabbed the mic, and said it might not be Cleveland, but AIW is back. Justice invited Jake Clemons to the ring, and the roster came around ringside. 

Jake Clemons took the ring and announced that he has signed with WWE, which our own Mike Johnson reported last week. Clemons thanked a number of people in AIW and his family. He brought Xavier Franklin to the ring, and said training him has been the highlight of his career. He thanked the fans for supporting indie wrestling and AIW. 

Notes: Matt Wadsworth and Brian Carson handled commentary. Brian Carson did not enjoy the insects of the outdoors venue, calling dragonflies plagues. Tom Dunn, Xavier Franklin, and Jake Clemons rotated the referee duties. As mentioned above, it is Clemons’ last event with AIW. Matthew Justice debuted the Absolute and Intense Championship belts, which AIW did an unboxing video here: AIW returns at the The Collective, Friday, October 9 in the 8pm block. 

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