Investors Are Diversifying Away From Wall Street, Flock to Technology-Led Platforms, Says iTrustCapital

Investors are frustrated by vapid investment services offered by Wall Street and are flocking to alternative but innovative investment services offered by technology-led platforms according to iTrustCapital Director of Customer Experience, Anthony Bertiano, in a press release on Sep 4. 

iTrustCapital: Meeting Customers’ Needs

Launched in late 2019, iTrustCapital is a leading investment platform for alternative assets including cryptocurrencies. It recently posted over 10,000 transactions barely 10 months after launching. Besides, their portfolio size almost doubled, growing from $21k to $39k in August.

Primarily targeting disgruntled investors who feel under-served and sidelined by Wall Street, their ingenious team rolled out a new class of financial service which they attribute to the spike in transaction count. 

The world’s first IRA platform took 18 months of thorough testing and in the end, the service enabled investors to compliantly get exposure to fast-growing asset classes like cryptocurrencies, and precious metals including gold. 

Overly, investors can in real-time precious metals, or buy and sell supported cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin allowing them to confidently diversify their portfolio while taking control of their assets.

According to Bertiano:

“Clients are increasingly frustrated with Wall Street and traditional financial institutions and feel existing investment services do not have their best interests in mind. Typically only offering mutual funds and bonds, when asked Bitcoin and Physical Gold, it falls on deaf ears.”

Notably, it appears as if investors are comfortable with alternative assets and the technology that makes this possible.

“We have built the world’s first IRA platform that not only gives clients the ability to invest in the fastest-growing asset class – crypto assets, but even the robust and reliable – physical gold. One reason clients feel comfortable with us is that we make security and storage of assets our number one priority.”

Institutions Soften their Stance on Crypto and Bitcoin

Increasingly, institutions are softening their stance on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, despite its price gyration, has a developed market. 

In the United States, the announcement by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) that national banks and savings associations can custody cryptocurrencies was also a massive boost. 

This could probably lay down the prerequisite infrastructure encouraging investors to diversify into the potent crypto space.

Earlier, BTCManager reported of Goldman Sachs’ plans of launching a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. 

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