Ann Kok turns down 4 dramas in a row, doesn’t miss being an Ah Jie

Ann Kok turns down 4 dramas in a row, doesn’t miss being an Ah Jie

She was once an Ah Jie in local showbiz, alongside fellow actresses Zoe Tay and Fann Wong. However, her star has dimmed in recent times ever since she took a step back from filming. But she doesn’t mind it at all.

In a recent interview with Shin Min Daily News, the 47-year-old actress revealed her reason for turning down four drama roles back to back. She simply said: “The roles weren’t suitable.”

When it comes to selecting roles, Ann prefers one that provides a challenge and also allows her some space for creativity. Other factors she looks at include the script and her co-stars.

As for her Ah Jie status, she said: “What’s past is past. If the shows I’m in still receive good viewership, and people call me Ah Jie, I would be honoured. But I really don’t have any productions now. I am grateful that a majority of my fans didn’t stop supporting me just because I didn’t act in any shows.”

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‘Shot and hospitalised’, Mark Lee consoles himself that he’s gone international

We’re not sure if local comedian Mark Lee is pantang, but he’s making a joke out of it. 

The 51-year-old recently found himself the subject of a scam but this time, no one is impersonating him. Instead, the scam falsely claims that he has been shot and hospitalised due to an interview he supposedly did about bitcoin.

He put up a public service announcement on his Instagram and wrote in Mandarin: “This is getting out of hand. I didn’t even know I was shot and hospitalised. I made a police report but they can’t do anything since [the scam] is from Europe.

“I guess I have to console myself because I’ve gone international? Please know how to differentiate what’s real and fake. Don’t get scammed.”

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TVB actors work part-time as movers to earn extra income during Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic has hit the Hong Kong showbiz industry hard.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be Moses Chan, who reportedly managed to negotiate a clause (while renewing his contract last year) that saw TVB paying him a monthly salary even when he isn’t working.

It was recently reported that TVB actors Keith Mok and Penny Chan had to find work as movers to supplement their income. Their job mainly consists of moving solar panels and they work for nine hours a day, receiving HKD$900 (S$158) for a day’s work.

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