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The target on a break from the11800 long term swing pointremains at9230.This area has amajor Gann square at 9440,38.2% back to the 3/13/20 low at 9230and the200 day average at 9065.Despite being below the long term swing point the current rally from the3/13/20 lowcontinues to make higher lows and higher highs and has held the key retracements on any setbacks,so the area of9230 to 9065will have to hold to keep this trend positive. Holding38.2%should send them up to new highs for the move based on the“38.2% rule”, before that look for the11800 long term swing pointand with a couple solid closes above it the next target will78.6%up to the all-time high, this level is16300.Failing to hold the9230 to 9065area should mean the rally is over for now and you can look for7200and for a large trading range to follow.

To get a greater understanding of the Fibonacci retracements, take a look at our Youtube video on the Intro to Fibonacci retracements, or go tohttp://www.one44analytics.comfor all the rules/guidelines and examples of them.

The video can be found here,

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